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After you have gone through a questionnaire with our legal intake specialist, it usually takes 24-72 hours to find out if we can help you with your case.

We are a contingency-based firm. No fees unless we win!

We first gather all the details of your case during our intake process. After this, we review all your information with our legal team. If we can take your case, we will send you a retainer to sign. Once the retainer is signed, we will start the investigation process, followed by the discovery process. After these stages are complete, we prepare for trial – the last stage of our legal process.

Ensuring that proper records exist from a car accident is an important part of a personal injury or automotive defect case. Acting quickly on the following steps can help ease the stress of the case.

At the scene: 

Make sure you and others are safe.

Call the police to create an accident report. This helps ensure an accurate record of events gets put on paper immediately.

Gather evidence! Take photos of the accident, photos of any injuries, gather insurance information, contact information, and take notes on what happened and where it happened.

Call your tow company if needed, but if you believe you may have had a vehicle defect, preserve your vehicle at all costs.

After the crash: 

Whether or not you feel seriously injured, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible after the crash.

Obtain a copy of the police report

Report the accident to your insurance company

Keep track of all bills related to the collision (Medical, rental car expenses, time away from work etc)

Write in a journal how you are feeling daily

Call MLG if you have been injured

  1. Don’t repair your vehicle or lose access to it until you determine whether or not you need the services of an attorney.
  2. Don’t post on social media about the accident.
  3. Don’t agree to be recorded by your insurance company.
  4. Don’t sign anything or agree to a settlement.

There will be a 5-person team dedicated to your case consisting of: one experienced senior trial attorney, one junior attorney, a case manager, a paralegal, and a litigation manager.

MLG handles automotive legal cases, primarily focusing on automotive defects that have caused catastrophic injury and death. We also handle personal injury, product liability, class actions, mass torts, and any other cases that may overlap with our extensive automotive experience.

We do not charge you anything, unless we win.

You can expect to receive payment commensurate with your losses, pain and suffering, or damages. This could amount to thousands or even millions of dollars.

Most cases take 1-3 years to resolve.

MLG has a 90% win rate and provides unparalleled customer service. We are also one of the few firms that handles automotive defect cases due to the highly technical nature of these cases. We find the best experts and resources to help win your case.

Automotive Defects

A design or manufacturing flaw that renders a vehicle unsafe.
Call or email MLG Attorneys at Law immediately.
The vehicle manufacturer, vehicle distributor, last repairer, and dealerships are often responsible for the defects in your vehicle.
A vehicle recall is a process through which a vehicle manufacturer voluntarily recalls (or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compels a manufacturer to recall) a vehicle because a particular aspect of its design or manufacturing process has failed to meet federal standards of safety.
Enter your vehicle’s VIN number here to find out if your vehicle has been recalled.

Class Action

A class action is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member or members of that group. Usually, the plaintiff seeks compensation from a defendant on behalf of themselves and a group of similarly affected consumers.
Depending on the case, objections, and appeals, it may take several years to receive payment from a class action lawsuit.
No. It does not cost anything to join a class action lawsuit.

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So happy I found this law firm!

“So happy I found this law firm! Jonathan, Kyle and all of the staff at MLG were very helpful and I wouldn’t have received the settlement I did if it wasn’t for them! Highly recommend!”

Lisa J.

Jonathan and the entire MLG team are awesome…

“Jonathan and the whole team at MLG are awesome at what they do. No one else comes close to the legal expertise these guys have when dealing with the automotive industry and auto defects.”

Nick B.

GREAT settlement…

“Our family business just finished a case with MLG. We had to file a lawsuit against Chrysler for a big business dispute. They were able to help us reach a GREAT settlement and we did not have to go to trial.”

Angela G.

High level of integrity…

“I have come to know and trust Jonathan Michaels over the past few years. He is a very classy man with a high level of integrity and has a very good work ethic. He is extremely knowledgeable in business law and very dedicated to his specialty of automotive law.”

Jackie M.

Top notch…

“I’ve worked with Jonathon Michaels over the past few years on many business transactions and find him and his wonderful staff quick to respond and are a top notch professional organization.”

Mike B

I can always count on them…

“The people over at MLG are great. I can always count on them to handle any legal stuff I throw at them.”

Ray P.

They really know their stuff…

“Jonathan Michaels and MLG were extremely helpful in our case. They really know their stuff. They were responsive to all of our questions. Would definitely use them if we have a need in the future!!”

Julio C.

Michaels and his staff were the most efficient…

“Michael’s and his staff were the most efficient, honest, detailed oriented and attentive attorneys we had ever met. If we could give them a higher star we would!”

Christina S.

These guys lock on and don’t let up…

“If you are looking for a bulldog attorney who’s bite is louder than their bark, these are the guys for you. Great attorneys very tenacious. These guys lock on and don’t let up.”

Alex R.

Jonathan is very passionate…

“Jonathan is a very passionate and driven attorney with a knack for being extremely detailed orientated. He constantly purses excellence in whatever he does and we consider ourselves lucky to have crossed paths with such an experienced and knowledgeable individual and law firm.”

Rob P.

Jonathan Michaels and the MLG team stand out…

“Jonathan Michaels and the MLG team stand out as not only experts in the field of automotive law, but as compassionate professionals who get amazing results for their clients. I would highly recommend Jonathan and his team at MLG!”

Karen S.

They fight hard and work around the clock…

“Jonathan Michaels and his team are very dedicated to their clients. They fight hard and work around the clock for you and are always reachable by phone if you have any questions about your case. Great customer service! Highly recommend!”

Nel V.

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