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MLG Announces Scholarship Winners!

MLG is proud to present the winners of its annual “Never Stop Learning” scholarship, aimed at assisting Orange County high school seniors with their journey into higher education. First place winner, Febronia Genidy, will receive a $1,000 for college, a year-long mentorship with MLG principal Jonathan Michaels and the opportunity to attend a civil jury trial. Second place winner, Ava Mendoza will receive a $500 scholarship. Third place winner, Luke Goldade will receive a $250 scholarship.

Febronia, Ava and Luke showed a passion for the pursuit of justice, provided evidence for the injustices they identified and solutions that suggest a real commitment to change the system. We were delighted that so many applicants pushed their thinking into areas not previously examined and proposed proactive solutions. We congratulate all who entered. You can read their full essays here.

The contest was available to all Orange County high school seniors and required applicants to submit a 750-word essay answering the question: If you could change one thing about the justice system, what would it be and how would you change it? Picking up on the Steve Jobs quote “People who are crazy enough to think they change the world are the ones who do,” the scholarship challenges young adults to push their thinking into areas not previously explored.

“Our annual scholarship program is just one way that we can give back to those in our community,” said Jonathan Michaels. “Hopefully this will ignite a curiosity inside them and expose them to a world of which they were previously unaware. I am particularly excited about the mentorship element of it, as it will help them establish important relationships that could last a lifetime.”

To be eligible, students must be a graduating senior of a public or private high school located in Orange County and have plans upon graduation to enroll fulltime in an accredited U.S. college. Additional information can be found at www.defectattorney.com/scholarship.

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