Newport Beach, California (May 17, 2017) – MLG Automotive Law has launched an intense investigation into a rash of BMW fires that is sweeping the nation. On March 6, 2017, the boutique automotive law firm filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of 36-year-old Southern California resident Mona Shaikh, (Mona Shaikh v. North America, LLC; Case No. 30-2017-00907035-CU-PL-CJC), after her BMW caught fire in the parking garage of her apartment building.

Since then, news reports have swirled about new and near-new BMWs spontaneously igniting while parked, burning down houses, causing other cars to catch fire, and destroying personal property. Fires have been reported in California, Maryland, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Texas.

“BMW is dismissing any responsibility for its cars burning down,” said Jonathan Michaels, the managing partner of MLG Automotive Law. Michaels continued, “Ms. Shaikh’s car was under warranty, had been regularly serviced, and burned to the ground while parked, leaving her stuck having to continue to pay for her new BMW, yet without a car.” BMW’s shameless response was to offer her $1,000 for the loss of her $35,000 car. Undaunted by BMW’s lack of corporate responsibility, Michaels stated, “We will be taking Ms. Shaikh’s case to trial.”

This is not MLG’s first battle against BMW. In 2016, the group of “Super Lawyers” filed a nationwide class action against BMW for its i3 electric vehicles. In that lawsuit, MLG alleged that the i3’s Range Extender feature causes the vehicle to greatly decelerate when activated, leaving the driver with a sudden and dangerous loss of power. The case, Rollolazo et. al. v. BMW of North America, LLC, Case. No. 8:16-cv-00966-BRO-SS, is pending in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The Federal Court has twice denied BMW’s motion to have the entirety of the lawsuit dismissed.


MLG is now launching a nationwide probe into the BMW fire epidemic, seeking to establish a class action lawsuit against the German automaker. If anyone has information about BMW fires, they are urged to contact MLG for further investigation.


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