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March 2024 Recall Report

In March, 11 different automotive manufacturers of 50 different models issued recalls for 1.2 Million U.S. motor vehicles. According to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the following recalls were issued.

Chrysler: Dodge Hornet, Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023-24 36,093 Incorrect Weight Capacity on Label
Chrysler: Jeep Wrangler 2016 1,831 Air Bag May Not Deploy
Chrysler: Jeep, Ram 2017-24 10,908 Driver’s Air Bag May Not Deploy
Chrysler: Ram, Jeep Wrangler, Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Pacifica, Ram, Gladiator, Cherokee 2023-24 38,164 Driver’s Air Bag May Not Deploy
Chrysler: Ram ProMaster 2021-22 12,375 Left Turn Signal and Taillight May Fail
Chrysler: Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 2011-19 982 Side Curtain Air Bag Inflators May Rupture
Chrysler: Jeep Cherokee 2022 12,221 Turn Signal May Malfunction
Chrysler: Pacifica, Voyager 2024 26,776 Traction Control May Deactivate
Ford: Bronco 2024 9,847 Child Safety Lock Malfunction
Ford: Maverick 2024 217 Fuel Tank May Leak Fuel
Ford: Explorer 2020 1,988 Rearview Camera Image May Not Display
Ford: Mustang 2024 362 Fuel Supply Line May Leak
Ford: Transit 2023-24 1,902 Tire Damage from Contact with Wheel Arch Liner
Ford: Maverick and Bronco Sport 2023 115 Tires Manufactured Incorrectly
Honda: Passport and Ridgeline 2023 245 Possible Loss of Steering Control
Hyundai: Genesis 2018-20 28,439 Risk of Engine Compartment Fire from Oil Leak
Hyundai: IONIQ, Genesis 2022-24 98,878 Possible Loss of Drive Power from Damaged Charging Unit
Hyundai: Genesis 2024 15,645 Transmission Harness May Short and Cause Roll Away
Jaguar Land Rover: I-Pace 2019 258 High-Voltage Battery May Overheat
Jaguar Land Rover: I-Pace 2021-24 2,842 Brake Pad Wear Warning Light Failure
Kia: Stinger 2019-20 36,248 Risk of Engine Compartment Fire from Oil Leak
Kia: EV6 2022-24 48,232 Loss of Drive Power from Damaged Charging Unit
Kia: Telluride 2020-24 427,407 Risk of Vehicle Roll Away from Disengaged Driveshaft
Mercedes-Benz: GLE, GLS, AMG GLE 2019-24 116,020 Risk of Fire from Improperly Secured 48-Volt Ground Connection
Mercedes-Benz: E350, E450 2024 396 Loss of Drive Power from Damaged Wiring Harness
Nissan: Pathfinder, Infiniti 2024 12,019 Unsecured Lap Belt Pretensioners
Porsche: Taycan 2020-23 606 High-Voltage Batteries May Short Circuit
Subaru: Outback, Legacy 2020-22 118,723 Air Bag May Not Deploy
Volkswagen: Audi, E-Tron 2022-24 1,013 Risk of Fire from High-Voltage Batteries that May Short Circuit

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