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Motorcycle Accidents

MLG extensive automotive expertise and full attention to building a strong case for damages when proving fault sets our team apart from other firms.

Proving fault for motorcycle accident victims requires an almost obsessive attention to detail and a driving desire to win.

Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die and 5 times more likely to be injured than an occupant of a car in an accident. They also face an uphill battle against percieved stereotypes as well and proving fault can be difficult. We investigate all aspects of the accident to build a strong case for fault and damages such as:

  • Other motorist actions that can establish fault include
    • Failure to yield to your lawfully executed action
    • Swerving into your lane (physical contact not required to find fault)
    • Speeding – demonstrates reckless behavior
    • Cutting you off – demonstrates reckless disregard
  • Fault that may lie with the city or municipality
    • allowing a dangerous condition of the roadway to persist
  • Motorcycle manufacturers can be contributors to your accident and injury
    • design defect proven through engineering discovery
    • manufacturing defect of the motorcycle or any of it’s parts

Contact MLG immediately. We have the expertise, experience and financial resources to prosecute those truly at fault and to protect you when insurance tries to sideswipe your claim.

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Helmet and Life Shattered

A 32-year-old man was ejected from his motorcycle following a collision with an automobile. The force of the collision caused his body to linearly fly through the air severely impacting the asphalt roadway. He was wearing a protective flip-up full-face helmet. No part of his body hit the automobile. However, upon impact with the roadway, his full-face helmet shattered causing significant facial injuries, including major face and skull fractures requiring detailed reconstructive plastic surgery.

For motorcyclists, there are many models of full-face helmets. Because it protects the whole face, the full-face helmet is considered the best. This what our client expected when he purchased his full-face helmet. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, his helmet was defectively designed and manufactured and clearly did not protect him as he reasonably expected it should.

Our Mission

MLG has been able to identify the extent to which motorcycle helmet manufacturers have defectively designed and manufactured defective helmets and is dedicated to holding the manufacturers accountable for the injuries and suffering sustained by the injured motorcyclists and passengers. Our client, as well as all consumers expect to have the all-important safety full-face helmets to protect riders when they are needed.

How We Can Help You

Injured? It may be your motorcycle or the other car’s fault! You need the right legal team to fight for you! In many instances, motorcycle and car manufacturers sell vehicles that are unsafe, unreliable or defective. MLG will evaluate your claim and determine if you are entitled to monetary recovery. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Contact us today for a free evaluation. If we don’t recover for you, you owe us nothing!


So happy I found this law firm!

“So happy I found this law firm! Jonathan, Kyle and all of the staff at MLG were very helpful and I wouldn’t have received the settlement I did if it wasn’t for them! Highly recommend!”

Lisa J.

Jonathan and the entire MLG team are awesome…

“Jonathan and the whole team at MLG are awesome at what they do. No one else comes close to the legal expertise these guys have when dealing with the automotive industry and auto defects.”

Nick B.

GREAT settlement…

“Our family business just finished a case with MLG. We had to file a lawsuit against Chrysler for a big business dispute. They were able to help us reach a GREAT settlement and we did not have to go to trial.”

Angela G.

High level of integrity…

“I have come to know and trust Jonathan Michaels over the past few years. He is a very classy man with a high level of integrity and has a very good work ethic. He is extremely knowledgeable in business law and very dedicated to his specialty of automotive law.”

Jackie M.

Top notch…

“I’ve worked with Jonathon Michaels over the past few years on many business transactions and find him and his wonderful staff quick to respond and are a top notch professional organization.”

Mike B

I can always count on them…

“The people over at MLG are great. I can always count on them to handle any legal stuff I throw at them.”

Ray P.

They really know their stuff…

“Jonathan Michaels and MLG were extremely helpful in our case. They really know their stuff. They were responsive to all of our questions. Would definitely use them if we have a need in the future!!”

Julio C.

Michaels and his staff were the most efficient…

“Michael’s and his staff were the most efficient, honest, detailed oriented and attentive attorneys we had ever met. If we could give them a higher star we would!”

Christina S.

These guys lock on and don’t let up…

“If you are looking for a bulldog attorney who’s bite is louder than their bark, these are the guys for you. Great attorneys very tenacious. These guys lock on and don’t let up.”

Alex R.

Jonathan is very passionate…

“Jonathan is a very passionate and driven attorney with a knack for being extremely detailed orientated. He constantly purses excellence in whatever he does and we consider ourselves lucky to have crossed paths with such an experienced and knowledgeable individual and law firm.”

Rob P.

Jonathan Michaels and the MLG team stand out…

“Jonathan Michaels and the MLG team stand out as not only experts in the field of automotive law, but as compassionate professionals who get amazing results for their clients. I would highly recommend Jonathan and his team at MLG!”

Karen S.

They fight hard and work around the clock…

“Jonathan Michaels and his team are very dedicated to their clients. They fight hard and work around the clock for you and are always reachable by phone if you have any questions about your case. Great customer service! Highly recommend!”

Nel V.

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